Blend 26

A blend of the coffee’s Theodore Roosevelt would have tried as he travelled the world as the 26th President

Just like Teddy it has a fun caramel taste with a hint of dark chocolate and a touch of smoke

Blue Mountain Breakfast

Created to reduce the price of Jamaican blue mountain whilst still giving an idea of the original product

A light roast coffee in the American style ideal as an all-day coffee for those who do not like strong or bitter coffee

Blue Sumatra Lingtong

Originating from Sumatra in Indonesia it has a unique quality where the green beans have a blue tint to them it is considered 1 of the most revered coffees in Indonesia

Full bodied with low acidity and spicy flavour notes

Brazilian Santos

Grown in the San Paulo region it is named from the port in which it is shipped from

It has its own specific flavour. Its smooth with moderate acidity and medium body

Brazilian Yellow Bourbon

Brazilian coffee hybrid

Slightly acidic with a hint of sweetness


Columbian Excelso

A close relative to our Colombian Supremo.  A slightly smaller bean leading to a more intense flavour

Light and slightly earthy with low acidity

Columbian Supremo

From Cauca in the sierra Nevada mountains the coffee is washed fresh water and prepared in traditional methods distributed through its own export arm to ensure the supply of ethical coffee.

Smooth, fresh, full bodied flavour roasted to a full medium colour to emphasise characteristics. Suitable for any time of day

Continental Roast

Roasted blend from central America. The beans are roasted until the oils flow freely leaving them dark and shiny.

Black as hell strong as death sweet as love, this coffee leaves a sweet after taste. Excellent for a dark espresso coffee

Costa Rican Tarrazu

All beans grown in estates over 2000 metres which classifies it as a strictly hard bean a feature of top Arabica coffees. The main supplier of the coffee comes from north San Jose where the coffee has been grown for over 400 years.



 Allowed to mature for longer for an increased acidity and allowing for a fuller flavour. It has a mild flavour with a tart and spicy taste makes this a good breakfast coffee.



A blend from 3 of the top surf sites around the world containing 1 cold water and two salt water locations

Bold coffee with hints of raisins, hazelnuts and a slight chocolate note

Crema Blend

A blend of 6 different coffees and 2 different roasts which is blended after roasting


a heavy liquor taste nutty tones which lacks bitterness a great espresso coffee

Cuban Serrano

High in caffeine a cinnamon roasted coffee from Cuba

It has a sour flavour with a slight woody taste

Ed’s House Blend

Blended and Roasted by a Coventry family for a superior taste

Light smooth low acidity coffee perfect for coffee all day

El Salvador


A smoky coffee that accompanies a fine cigar or a flavoursome brandy well

Ethiopian Harrar Longberry

Grown in the east of Ethiopia at 1600 meters it is shade grown. Its name comes from the shape of the bean.


An earthy bite with fragrant tones


Ethiopian Sidamo

Southern Ethiopian coffee and the largest producer of coffee in the country

Thinner body than most Ethiopian coffees and a low acidity

French Roast

originally flamed so as the French   could enjoy a cigarette and a coffee at a Café or Bistro 

Strong bitter smoky coffee often depicted as the smokers coffee

Guatemalan Huehuetenango

A selection of coffees which are named after their geographical location which allows variety in the fruity undertones

nice body and acidity with a smooth aftertaste

Indian Monsoon Malabar

Directly exposed to the monsoon weather in the Malabar region of India excellent as an espresso coffee and blends well with other coffees

increased body and reduced acidity with sweet notes


Italian Crema

A high oil bean designed to give a deep Crema with a strong taste

A strong deep dark coffee with a silky creamy crema

Italian Roast

Blend of Central American and African coffees

smooth rich taste with dark tones

Jamaican Blue Mountain

From the Jamaica mountains grown at a high altitude

JBM is sweeter than normal coffees giving a unique flavour

Kenyan AA

Selected from estates in Nairobi the volcanic rock at 2000 metres gives AA it's distinct taste


high acidity with a dry and crisp aftertaste

Kenyan Peaberry

Said to contain all the best Kenyan flavour the cherry only produces 1 ovule resulting in extra fruity flavour


 fine acidity with a fruity flavour


Kenyan Reserve

A Central American blend is mixed with the Kenyan Peaberry to give it some acidity.


 nutty and acidic



Grown at 1500ft on the side of the volcano Kilalu’s.

Fine body with mild acidity and a chocolate aftertaste.


Grown 1600m above sea level on a small farm in mexico

Fresh coffee with slight woody notes and subtle hints of tropical fruits

Old Brown Java

Old brown java was originally used as ballast on the old sailing ships where natural ageing occurred as they sailed to and from Europe

smooth with minimum acidity and a heavy body


From the Olympic region in Africa in the very north east corner

Smells and tastes like buttered toast

Papua New Guinea

Usually grown in ‘Coffee gardens’ in the East and West highland province and Simbu

Smooth and fruity

Peru Cecovasa

Grown on the slopes of the Andes in southern Peru

Low acidity giving a light body and smooth taste


Plantation Blend

 Our standard coffee blend for Espresso

Full rich flavour that will cut through any milk and sugar added without over powering the drink

Q Blend

A Blend of 3 different roasts to give 3 tiers to the flavour

An initial punch developing into a full bodied and full flavoured coffee finishing at an almost pure caffeine sensation


A blend from two different rainforest grown coffees

A strong nutty chocolate taste


A blend of Bourbon beans which were introduced to the Bourbon Island which is now the Reunion Island.

A smooth coffee with a hint of sweetness and acidity.

Rwandan Kinunu

Grown in volcanic soils by small scale farmers

 Refreshing Medium body with hints of chocolate and citrus


From Tanzania kept at a cinnamon roast to help emphasise the flavour

Slightly fruity with low acidity due to the light roast which retains the caffeine and vitamins



From the promontane region of the Andes mountains

Smells of toasting pine nuts & chocolate. You can really taste the nutty flavour


(green beans)

Picked in the south east of Ethiopia are the nearest to the original trees in Yemen


medium body with rich fruity flavour with winery undertones and a chocolaty aftertaste


Wild Kopi Luwak

From Indonesia the civet cat digests the cherries and the beans are washed and roasted for sale

A really well balanced coffee deserving of its reputation as ‘best coffee in the world’.



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