Indian black tea from the Assam region

Described as brisk strong and malty

Blue Lady



Ceylon Bop

From Sri Lanka this is one of the highest graded teas in the world

Full bodied Black Tea

Chai Spiced

Traditional black tea infused with spices


Chamomile Flower

Chamomile flowers



Black Tea infused with cinnamon flakes

Delicate cinnamon spice flavour perfect for those autumn evenings by the fire


Indian black tea

Light and fresh great for a summers day with a slice of lemon

Earl Grey

Black china tea scented with bergamot

Black tea with fresh and flowery undertones

English Breakfast

Traditional English Black Tea

Well balanced black tea great all day long

Gunpowder Green

The name is derived from the way the green tea is rolled

Strong green tea with a slight fresh green veg note




Fruit tea  with a mulled wine smell and taste

Fruity with sour notes

Irish Breakfast

Slightly stronger version of English black tea

Middle range tea which gives a warming sensation almost like whiskey

Japanese Cherry

Japanese green tea scented with cherry blossoms

Hint of cherry flavour without the green tea being too overpowering

Jasmine with Flowers

Black Tea infused with Jasmine Flowers

Delicate Flowery flavour with that tea kick

Lady Grey



Lapsang Souchong

originally from the Wuyi region of the Chinese province of  Fujian

Strong Smokey flavour


Lavender flowers

Lovely at bedtime to ease you into sleep





Cut peppermint pieces to give a strong flavour

Lovely minty flavour to add freshness to your tea

Passion Fruit

Black tea with passion fruit flowers  lovely as an ice tea

Fruity tea


Red bush tea


Russian Caravan

Strong Black Tea

Strong taste perfect to wake you up in the morning


A blended tea with a unique taste

Spicy notes make a cosy cup of tea on a cold day


Rare white tea must be picked before sunrise as the sunlight changes the taste.



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